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Welcome to APC

Associated Petroleum Carriers, Inc. has been operating continuously since 1942.  The primary area of operation is in the southeastern United States.  The company’s logo features three tank trailers displaying the acronym, “A P C” which is how we are most often referred to by the public.

Associated Petroleum Carriers

Our History

Originally the company was incorporated under the name, the War Emergency Cooperative Association. It was created for the sole purpose of assisting the U.S. War Department with the movement of gas and diesel fuel during World War II. At the conclusion of the war the company was renamed Associated Petroleum Carriers, Inc.

The company’s structure and business model is unique. We are a non-asset based trucking company. APC owns no revenue generating equipment and employs no drivers. We are made up of member companies. Each member company has their own equipment, drivers and customer base.

APC members are considered to be “family”.  The senior tenured member is being managed by the grandson of the company’s founder.  Many other member companies are being led by the second generation of owners.  Within those companies, their sons and daughters are involved in the operation and preparing to one day take the reins.

APC has four non-negotiable objectives that drive our business:

Ensure the safe operation of all drivers and vehicles
Provide reliable transportation of our customer’s product
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
Always Practice Courtesy

Our rich heritage as one of the oldest motor carriers gives us reason to look to the future with great optimism and enthusiasm.